Autoflowering Marijuana

Many marijuana growers today opt for using autoflowering marijuana seeds to grow in their gardens. It is quite easy to see why because autoflowering seeds are designed to make the growing process a lot easier and much more convenient. You see, unlike other types of marijuana seeds, autoflowering seeds contain many different properties that make them more advantageous for planting. Let us learn a little more about these seeds.


Autoflowering seeds get their name from the ability to produce flowers automatically without having to rely on the amount of light that it is exposed to. They are able to generate enough nutrients and minerals in order to blossom potent buds regardless of how many hours of sunlight they get. This is a trait that makes them very easy to grow. Additionally, they are the ideal type of weed seed to be utilized by beginners so that they would encounter little to no problems when growing cannabis plants.


The ability to flower automatically is not the only advantage that autoflowering seeds provide. Aside from this, they are also known to have shorter flowering periods which means they mature much faster than other types of weed seeds. Their flowering periods take around seven to eight weeks on average. This is rather fast compared to feminized and regular weed seeds. This certain trait gives growers and harvesters the opportunity to harvest more yields in a year that they are accustomed to.

Furthermore, autoflowering seeds are known to be able to develop in any environment despite hot or cold climates. This means that they can easily grow indoors or outdoors; making them ideal for people who do not have the luxury of this choice. They are able to withstand harsh climates and extreme weather conditions.


However, using autoflowering seeds is not a method free from errors. There are some downsides to the use of this seed. One such example is that they are known to produce just a moderate yield level when being harvested. Likewise, their THC levels are known to be a tad lower than their feminized marijuana counterparts. Even the strains known to have high THC levels are prone to this when developed into autoflowering versions. Lastly, autoflowering seeds may take a longer time to recover when buds are harvested. However, this does not really impact the efficiency of its harvests.


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