auto white widow strain

Auto White Widow Strain is the autoflowering adaptation of the incredible and adored White Widow. She is the result of a breeding extent that was conducted over a few years in order to create this reliable and solid variety. Auto White Widow is well-loved not since it is amazingly powerful, but since it is fairly powerful enough. It’s higher than normal THC levels which are up to 19 percent, won’t deliver couchlock, or numerous of the undesirable impacts that come with powerful strains. In spite of the fact that the strain began within the Netherlands, the seeds may have to begin with being bred by Green House Seeds within the 1990s. Auto White Widow could be a crossbreed that inclines towards Indica generally 40 percent Sativa and 60 percent Indica. Its two fundamental parents are South Indian Indica and Brazilian Sativa landrace.

Auto White Widow Strain has so numerous extraordinary qualities but one of her popular characteristics is exceptional resin production. This eminent Sativa/Indica half breed will deliver a shocking weed plant with a fabulous white crystal coating. The first thing that stands out from Unique Auto White Widows’s buds, is the productive tar substance. Secured from top to bottom in trichomes, with a dim green tone and dark maroon pistils. The buds are light in weight, as well as having a large estimate suggesting that the blooms of this strain go a long way.

Facts About Auto White Widow Strain

Unique White Widow Auto will develop with indeed dividing between internodes and will deliver one fundamental cola. Her side branches will evolve and grow tall as she fills in nine weeks with silver-coated, massive measured nugs, in which she has the potential to relinquish between 400 and 500gr / m2. The foliage structure will be thin and long and does not grow as far until it starts to blossom, where it grows to a range from 70 cm to 110 cm.

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She can moreover take on pink and fuchsia tones as she gets near to her harvest date, uncovering her genuine beauty even further.

Its Characteristics and Cannabis Types

This type of cannabis plant features a sharp, earthy scent that gives absent its indica roots. There are also some tart, spicy and fruity smells, but usually generally experienced as a lingering flavor. Additionally, the taste of this cannabis is more of its sweetness, blended in with a woodsy or indeed piney flavor. In general, it’s taste and smell are complex and commendable.

It could be a prevalent mood-boosting strain for customary clients due to its solid impacts. As a well-balanced crossover with a few CBD, it is ideal for daytime use due to its low likeliness to cause couchlock. it’s sativa characteristics can boost energy, whereas the feel-good perspective can minimize the impacts of stress. In any case, those Sativa characteristics aren’t solid enough to avoid a great night’s rest, making Auto White Widow all-around well-balanced strain for close to anything related to exhaust or upsetting circumstances. It can moreover boost your craving and offer assistance to alleviate indeed the foremost hardcore terrible mood.

In its brief developing cycle of as it were 10 to 12 weeks from seed to harvest this Auto White, Widow strain will develop a noteworthy sum of thick buds where she can abdicate an enormous bounty when developed in ideal indoor conditions. While developed outdoors in great conditions, she will yield as much as 275g per plant. This simple Auto white widow strain will for the most part reach tallness of 18 to 36 inches indoors and outdoor tallness of up to two feet, she does have an inclination to extend and create long thin branches.

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Buds can be so huge that it is best to present a few plat support halfway through the blossoming stage to supply additional support. Auto White Widow can endure cooler climates as long as temperatures don’t drop underneath 10°C. This makes these Auto White

Auto White Widow Marijuana Effects

With its THC high percentage, the White Widow peaks at a remarkable 20-25% level, making it one of the most potent and strongest marijuana strains on the higher levers heavy hitters like AK-47 and Afghan Kush.

The Auto White Widow Marijuana Strain offers you feeling relaxed and energized, in a condition of complete euphoria and that will make you function normally, just with a bit of more positive energy overall.

Expect these stimulating and energizing buds to stimulate your mind, which also improves creative energy and allor dialogue and interaction to flow naturally and with an ease that you might not encounter in your usual daily life.

White Widow weed is the best choice for those trying to seek pot which will not cause them fatigue, sleeplessness, or loss of energy (as indicas so often can do), but instead a quintessentially happy, stable medium that continues to exist somewhere between comfortable and hyper-aware.

Medical Benefits of Auto White Widow Marijuana

While in the past White Widow marijuana has been investigated for use with various medical conditions, the most infamous relief this therapeutic strain tends to provide is for the suffering individuals from:

  • Depression
  • Chronic pain
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD
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A small to the moderate dosage of this cannabis strain is ideally better for those experiencing psychiatric problems (depression, anxiety, stress, PTSD), as over-consumption of marijuana can often lead to greater paranoia and anxiety when coping with a mental illness.

Comprehending and understanding your boundaries with cannabis is important in this situation, and sticking by certain standards so you don’t end up in a worse place. To those that struggle with chronic pain risks typically a larger, more effective dosage is in order. Of this purpose concentrates, eating edibles, candies, live resin, or thicker-than-usual bowls are the go-to methods of people using White Widow as an everyday medicine.

Possible Side Effects of Auto White Widow Marijuana

The most frequently-documented side effects of those who ingest Weed White Widow is dry mouth – surprise, surprise. This can, of course, be solved by having a drink more than enough hydrating fluids, and always having an additional supply near you earlier, after, and during your high.

Users of the WW will often regularly mention dry eyes, although this is less frequent than dry mouth. For dry eyes, relatively affordable moisturizing eye drops can be obtained from any local drugstore first and then applied whenever you feel they are needed (or when anyone tells you to look like you’ve been shot in the face with a whole container of bear spray.


Widow seeds a great choice for northern outside climates in North America and Europe. This marijuana plant is an ancient school legend, it received a numerous world winner with a crazy resin profile gaining her the title. One of the first strains from the 1980s that still position as a great choice for beginners cultivators and those who need the exceptionally best ancient school in autoflowering form.