Genetics Indica/Sativa mix
Climate Indoor
Yield 500g/m2
Height 50-80 cm
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
Effect Stoney and High
THC Level 12-15%
Growing Easy to Moderate


SkunkThe skunk strain is considered as one of the oldest strains in the cannabis world. It is a cross breed of different strains from different families, such as Mexican Acapulco Gold, as well as Colombian Gold. It comes with an extra distinctive skunk characteristics coupled with plant power and vigor. Its genetics give this hybrid strain the perfect combination that delivers a wonderful effect on both body and mind. It is also a strain that is currently being used to breed more strains, as it is known as a stable breeding strain.

Overall Appearance, Growth and Effects

The skunk strain produces dense buds and comes with a distinctive sweet smell and unique flavor. Because of its THC level, the buzz may not be long lasting, but it is quite potent. Skunk is quite easy to grow, which is why it is currently preferred by many strain growers. Its calyx-to-leaf ratio is popular as a natural blocker and resistant for pest and mold. Because of the same reason, it is quite easy to grow and manicure. Brushing against this plant would often result to a very aromatic skunk filled room. This plant grows with an average height of 50-80 cm indoors, and grows well in conditions with moderate temperatures. The effect that this strain offers is a stoney, yet uplifting high; mild yet strong which will still keep you up to your senses. Because of its capacity to be bred with other strains, growers love the Skunk strain and create other powerful Skunk genetized strains.

Medical Benefits

The skunk is often prescribed for patients who are going through nausea, and other similar conditions. It gives off an uplifting head high effect which can keep a person to his senses. Smoking this strain is quite popular among many patients because of its fast acting high that is usually coupled with a positive, full body buzz. This strain is perfect for an all day medicating session which requires pain alleviation without having to feel crashed down due to overwhelming heavy emotions. As a result, it has particularly become appealing to patients who are also suffering from chronic inflammation, chronic pains, anxiety, depression, migraines, as well as other stress related conditions.

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