Orange Kush


Genetics Orange Bud x OG Kush
Climate Indoors/Outdoors
Yield High
Height 9 feet tall
Flowering Time 54-60 days
Effect Active and Happy
THC Level 18-20%
Growing Easy


Orange KushThe Orange Kush strain is the love child of Orange Bud and OG Kush. Its cannabis genes can still be traced back to the strains coming from countries such as Colombia, Afghanistan, Mexico, Thailand, Pakistan, as well as the Himalayan region. Orange Kush comes with distinct sweet and exotic flavors, ranging from spicy, earthy, lemony, fuel, and orange taste. Originally, this strain was particularly bred to survive the climate of Spain where it will be mostly grown. However, since more and more growers are looking into growing this strain, they created an outdoor environment that can help in making this strain grow as tall as 10 feet or even more.

Overall Appearance, Growth and Effects

Orange Kush can also grow indoors. However, growers are recommended to maintain humidity levels low. Because of its short flowering time, as well as its natural resistance to disease and fungus, growers prefer raising this plant. At the same time, it produces high resin, making it the perfect choice of the makers of bubble hash. This strain gives off a relaxing high. It is also makes one active and happy, which makes it perfect if you want to socialize during the day. Orange Kush is typically a good choice for those who are considered beginners, both in smoking, and in growing. They produce thick buds on the side of the branches.

Medical and Other Benefits

Many patients have provided feedback that Orange Kush is very effective in providing relief to different types of medical conditions including arthritis, insomnia, pain, neuropathy, as well as wasting syndrome and depression. Its medicinal properties can also be seen in its subtle flavor and aromas which are being overpowered with an extra exotic citrus and fuel taste. This strain is no doubt caviar to the palate. It is often referred to as a curative strain which can be used for medicinal purposes as it gives a very relaxing high. Thus, if you are a patient who is suffering from stress and anxiety, this is the perfect strain to taste as it can provide relaxation both for the body, and the mind. Aside from its medicinal properties, it also has a great flavor and smell, which is long lasting at the same time.

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