Orange Bud


Genetics Indica/Sativa
Climate Indoors/Outdoors
Yield 200g / up to 500g (outdoors)
Height at least 3 feet tall
Flowering Time 8 weeks
Effect mind-blowing
THC Level 16.5%
Growing Easy


Orange bud is a powerful combination of pure Skunk parents. This strain got its name because of its aroma which is a mixture of sweet, strong, and powerful orange smell. It is also sometimes called as Tangerine Kush for the same reason. It also comes with a very fruity taste. In proper growing conditions, Orange bud produces a very heavy yield of the highest quality. Because of this, it is easily known as one of the strains which are very easy to cultivate and clone even under harsh conditions.

Overall Appearance, Growth and Effects

Looking at its overall appearance, there is no mistaking to the reason why this strain got its name, Orange bud. Both deep pink and deep orange hairs flourish the buds. Unlike several other strains, the trichomes of this strain are not really physically striking. However, one look at it and you know that it is beautiful. It is very light and fluffy, and at the same time sticky. Breaking up the buds can be quite challenging as a matter of fact. This strain is known as one of the greatest for both experienced and professional growers. Not only that, because it is quite easy to cultivate this strain, it also works well for beginners too. The plants may grow up to 3 feet tall. About 1 foot of the total high is purely cola.

This strain gives a mind blowing high. It is dense with a powerfully high potent. It gives off a very interesting aroma, wonderful taste, and a very easy growing schedule which will definitely work in favour of all growers.

Medical and Other Benefits

The Orange bud strain is the best to be used for treating people with appetite problems, sleeping disorders such as insomnia, and other stress related concerns. It improves focus which is great for people who needs to be productive throughout the day. It is also a good treatment for people who suffer depression, and a good alternative for synthetic stress medicines. When taken during night time, it promotes a good night’s rest, which is favored by many people who have problems taking a good rest after a very long day at work.

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