NYC Diesel


Genetics Mexican Sativa x Afghan
Climate Indoors/Outdoors
Yield 400 g/m2
Height 35-65 cm
Flowering Time 10-12 weeks
Effect Exotic High
THC Level 20%
Growing Moderate


As suggested by its name, NYC diesel all started in New York City. It has become very popular that it even made to the 2001, 2003, and 2004 High Times Best Sativa Cannabis Cup. When it is grown ground up, this strain produces a smell of a combination of grapefruit and unburned diesel fuel. This combination has attracted many smokers.

Overall Appearance, Growth, and Effects

This strain comes in extra bright orange and green hairs, as well as dense buds. The NYC Diesel strain smells and tastes like ripe red grapefruits. The buds do not smell like anything during the flowering phase, but it has the capability to make you feel an exotic high with its exotic taste and smell. This strain is highly potent and is often used as medical marijuana. Being a crossbred of Afgha and Indica parent strains, you can expect a high which is great and cerebral, as well as a full-body stone that can give you a relaxing feeling. This is often perfect for people who simply want to relax and enjoy a summer stroll in a park.

Medical and Other Benefits

This strain explains the meaning of a ‘2 hour high’. When used during the daytime, you can expect the best effect within 2 hours after smoking. Thus, this is perfect for busy individuals who need a creative kick in order to be more productive at work. For instance, most workers who are using this strain report getting more stuff done from their to-do list compared to not using anything at all. With this relaxing yet powerful energy burst, you can also expect a tired feeling afterwards. Thus, you can expect a good rest after a long stretch of work. This is the perfect medical marijuana strain for providing energy, anti-anxiety and creative thoughts. With its perfect combination of indica and sativa, you can expect the pleasant high common among these strains. The effects can last for a satisfying period of time, and the aftereffect is not that stressful as well. It is also perfect as treatment for people who are undergoing different levels of stress, and are expecting to have a relaxing rest after smoking.

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