Nebula Auto Feminized


Genetics Mostly Sativa
Climate Indoors/Outdoors
Yield 450g/m2 (15.9 oz)
Height 80-90 cm
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
Effect Stoned/High
THC Level 15-18%
Growing Easy


Nebula Auto FeminizedThis strain is also called as ‘Starcloud’, which was initially bred in 1996. It got its name because of its stellar characteristics. It comes with an open structure which is perfect for indoor growing where the plant can grow well with maximum results. This strain has been grown successfully in many outdoor locations in Holland, and can also be a good choice for outdoor growing temperate zones. It also has another nickname, ‘honey pot’, because of its distinct sweet smell and honey fruit flavor. It produces a tasty and fun smoke, which is perfect for both starters and veteran smokers.

Overall Appearance, Growth and Effects

The Nebula auto feminized strain comes with a fruity and sweet taste. It has a trademark overall appearance, which is common to the white widow family. At the start of the flowering phase, the flowers can reach 50-60 cm, and comes with a moderate dark green, side-branching leaves. When the flowering cycle is completed, it can reach up to 80-90 cm. It has long and strong hairs, which comes with densely packed clusters of flowers coated with heavy resin glands throughout the flowering phase.

The resulting euphoric effects of the body high are quite satisfying. The fast effect is usually followed by a lasting sativa high that is coupled with a specific degree of Indica stone. Some smokers also describe the strain’s high as psychedelic or trippy.

Medical and Other Benefits

With its THC content level at 15-18%, it gives off a pleasurable feeling for people who are experiencing anxieties and stress. It has a beautifully sweet flavor and unique honey flavor which is highly favored by people who simply want to relax and enjoy the day. The buzz that it gives is cerebral, which allows one to become psychedelic and social. Therefore, people who are set to enjoy a social gathering, but are overpowered by stress due to even preparations will often find smoking this strain a very relaxing, and helpful one. Under moderation, it can provide a relaxed atmosphere, stress free condition that can last for a good period of time. Just like what the origin of the name suggests, be ready to take off and reach for the stars.

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