Early Pearl


Genetics Mostly Sativa
Climate Indoors/Outdoors
Yield Medium to high
Height 50-70 cm
Flowering Time 50 days
Effect Strong and Lasing
THC Level High
Growing Easy to Moderate



Early PearlThis type of strain, known as the Early Pearl is a type of strain that provides a very high yield and it also produces a top quality type of yield. The reason for this is due to its Indica ancestry. This is considered to be one of the most competitive and the toughest strain primarily because of the fact that it is capable of surviving in the toughest of climates particularly in those areas where it is very cold and those having a moldy environment.

One should know that this particular strain is a regular strain. This means that this particular strain is both a male and a female strain. This strain can go up as high as the height of a small tree and it is particularly of this very reason why the Early Pearl should be ideally grown in an outdoor environment.

What is great about this strain is that it has a very short period when it comes to its flowering time. The range would usually come from 50 – 70 days only. And given the said premise, the Early Pearl will be expected to also provide normal yields as well. However, this will only be made possible should proper care and maintenance be provided for the said strain. The maximum yield that it will be able to reach will be as great as 400 grams per square meter only.

With all the features and the characteristics of the Early Pearl, this will then be considered to be great as a breeding basis. It has that great feature and resistance from various diseases that will make it highly invulnerable to such weaknesses. Now, since this is mainly 75% sativa, it is also a great strain for breeding with the intention of injecting more of the sativa genetic qualities during the breeding process.

Thus, the Early Pearl should be best grown given all the nutrients and the needed qualities that are required for its survival. It is best that it should be provided with the right amount of sunlight and water so that it will not have a very weak strain.

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The Early Pearl is great for growers primarily because it is a very tough strain. Even though you might be living in a cold climate, it is not prone to mildew and mold. If you also plan to breed marijuana, this is also a great choice of plant.

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