Dwarf Low Flyer


Genetics Early Girl X Low Rider X Ruderalis
Climate Indoors/Outdoors
Yield 75g per plant
Height 60 cm
Flowering Time 6 weeks
Effect Natural High
THC Level Low – Moderate (10.85%)
Growing Easy


Dwarf Low FlyerDwarf Low Flyer is produced from the hybridization of two high quality auto-flowering plants available. This is great for people with no to little weed growing experience due its easy growing capabilities. A seed can start producing flowers in as early as 6 weeks after seed germination even when place tight areas. This extraordinary weed strain can satisfy your need to natural high effect without providing large spaces for plant development.


Feminize Autoflowering Marijuana

This type of weed provides easy and efficient harvest of high grade pot without the necessity to change light cycles and removal of male parts. This enables beginners to reap large amount of yield without knowing what parts of the plant should be removed. This is quick and simple growing. Plus, feminize marijauna like this Dwarf Low Flyer produces more seeds compared to regular types of weed plants. Subject this plant with 12 to 18 hours of light and it can change from newly germinated seedling to a full mature flowering plant in at least 6 weeks.


Mixture of Indica with Natural High

Dwarf Low Flyer has 80% Indica and 20% Sativa which indicates that it is more effective in relieving full body pain. Dwarf Low Flyer weed relaxes muscles that have been exposed to excessive work-out and stress. Indica type of Cannabis can also cause sleepy effect after smoking. For this reason, insomniacs can use this to aid them in having long and deep sleeps. 


Medically Use to Reduce Seizures

This Cannabis reduces significantly the tendencies to have epileptic seizure attacks due to its Natural Indica High effect. This increases the chance epileptics on having risk free daily lives. This has been physician recommended herbal therapy due to beneficial substances present in it.


Help in Losing Weight

Researchers have proven that people that smoked marijauna are less likely to be obese thatn those who don’t. Another research proved that people who use weed regularly had lower insulin levels. They also have lesser waist line making them more available for physical activities.


Removes Anxiety and Depression

This cannabis has THC of approximately moderate level at 10.85%. THC at this level acts as anti-depressant. Few puffs of smoke from this type of pot give the user relaxing effects such as clear and peaceful mind. It also uplifts bad moods and reduce anxiety that burdens some people. This anxiety and depression must be taken seriously because it might lead to accidents that may be fatal.

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