Blue Cheese


Genetics Mostly Indica
Climate Indoors/Outdoors
Yield 400-500g/m2
Height 50-100cm
Flowering Time 8-9weeks
Effect Heavy stoned effect
THC Level 18%
Growing Easy


Blue CheeseBlue Cheese is the product of the combination of the male Blueberry and Cheese female. The name also comes from the combination of both parents’ names. It is characterized by a fruity and berry taste thus living the name that it is given to it. It gets one of the traits of its female parent that is it has a hint of a very typical hard to ignore smell that will make you want to close your eyes and feel the sensation.


This indica-dominant hybrid is dark blue in color which is surrounded by raspberry-like hairs. The buds are described to have a unique shape, extremely sticky and also small in size. It has round compact flowers that will eventually turn purple when nearing the finish. It grows to about 50-100cm. It is recommended for harvest during the end of September. The flowering stage usually takes about 8-9weeks. It is not a long time to wait at all. When given proper care, you can expect higher yields from it. The average yield is 400 to 500 per square meters. If you plan to grow this strain, you will never have a hard time because it is just so easy.


Being an all-time favorite for the purpose of relieving pain, smokers have made this on top of their lists. You can never resist the one of a kind flavor that it has which you can never find from other strains. If you badly wanted to stay alive in the morning and accomplish things, then you can choose to smoke this. Besides, it can also provide you medication by providing relief to any pain that you feel. This is a good way for you to say goodbye to the problem that you have been worrying about. It is also good for making you get acquainted to other people. You may be so shy during your normal state, but you will definitely see a sudden change. You will see yourself in a different light. You become sociable. Dealing with people doesn’t pose a problem to you. In fact, it will make you giggle all the way.

You can buy Blue Cheese online. You can easily place your order and expect for your order to be delivered the soonest time possible to quench the thirst and the hunger that you have for it. Order this strain and you will never regret having this on your weed garden.

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