A Guide to Growing Marijuana in Shipping Containers

Discovering how to purchase marijuana seeds in USA? If you are a local home breeder or hobbyist who finds your ways in developing marijuana industry, shipping containers to breed cannabis can do the trick for your marijuana growing needs.

Growing containers for cannabis are not all equal but selecting the best growing containers is pretty straightforward. If you are interested in growing marijuana in shipping containers, then you are in the right place. We’ll further discuss all the essential things a grower must know about shipping containers for cultivating cannabis plants. Continue reading to learn and familiarize you on the most important things involving marijuana growing containers.

Why Buy at the Dispensary When You Can Grow Marijuana at Home

According to a Gallup poll, most of the adult Americans show support to legalizing marijuana. The data presented indicate that 59% of Americans aged 55 and older believe marijuana should be legalized by now. The marijuana industry shows no signs of slowing down and is expected to accumulate revenue of $57 billion by 2027.

There are 11 states in the United States that already legalized the use of medical and recreational marijuana. The marijuana legalization does not only allow people to possess marijuana products but it also includes permission for those qualified individuals to cultivate their cannabis plants legally.

Reason for Selecting the Best Containers for Your Marijuana Plants

When choosing the most suitable container for your cannabis it is important to consider the roots of the marijuana plants. The root is the lifeline of every plant to absorb air as well as water and nutrients from the soil. Providing the perfect environment for your plant roots is the reason a grower must select the best container for cannabis plants. The cannabis roots must be healthy for your plant to have the ability to absorb all the nutrients it needs to grow.

Factors That Makes Cannabis Roots Healthy

Moisture – The content of moisture a plant needs to grow healthy depends. Keeping your cannabis roots moist is very important. Never wait for your cannabis plant roots to dry or it will die. Healthy roots require a good source of moisture, so make sure to regularly water your cannabis plants.

Oxygen – Plants get their oxygen through their roots. To keep your cannabis plant roots healthy it is necessary to buy a container that will allow the roots to get the right level of oxygen.

Nutrients – The overall health of your cannabis plant is mostly depending on the nutrients its roots absorb from the soil.

pH Regulation – Your goal as a grower is to keep a stable pH for your cannabis plants. Naturally, marijuana plant roots require a slightly acidic environment. Cannabis can grow faster by simply managing the right level of pH in the soil.

Space Allocation and Number of Cannabis Plants It Can Have

After you decide on what type of cannabis strain you want to grow, the next thing you have to do is plan how to launch your cannabis garden and this means to ultimately choose where to house your marijuana plants. Below are some things you need to consider when selecting the best container for your cannabis plants.

Space allocation for your grow room – you need to decide on how big you want your cannabis garden to be. Before you even buy seeds or clones of cannabis, it is important to measure the area you will be using to farm your plants. This also means that you have to be knowledgeable as to how many cannabis plants your container can hold in a particular space.

The number of plants your grow room can accommodate – For first-time cannabis growers, it’s a good rule of thumb to give your plants and measure at least 2 to 4 square feet space. To figure out how many mature plants your grow room can comfortably accommodate divide the first measurement given by 2, 3, or 4. You can also give at least a minimum of 1 square feet space per plant.

Benefits of Shipping Containers for Cannabis Cultivation

One of the current problems home and commercial cannabis growers face is the space limitation for cannabis cultivation. Although there are some states where marijuana is legal, both consumers and growers still have to follow strict regulations on applying distance from schools, children parks, etc.

The innovative solution most cannabis growers find to be the best is the concept of vertical farming. Since finding a suitable space for growing marijuana can be quite challenging, vertical farming offers a practical solution in locations where spaces are limited. People usually imagine vertical farming with tall structures where plants grow or stack of shipping containers. Shipping containers is one of the best options available to get an optimum controlled environment for growing marijuana plants. Farming vertically not only saves space but can also allow cannabis growing in places like undergrounds or basements.

Choosing shipping containers for growing cannabis plants gives you more freedom to pick a suitable place and environment for marijuana cultivation. Also, since shipping containers are movable, you can always feel free transfer or move your marijuana growing space whenever needed.

How to Choose the Best Shipping Containers for Your Marijuana

Growing marijuana indoors means that you have better control over your cultivating environment since you can give your plants optimal lighting and temperature it needs to grow healthy. However, the problem with indoor growing is having a limited space.

Purchasing shipping containers are customizable. Many shipping container companies offer delivery to any location and are ready to construct. The set-up procedure is quick, easy, and only need limited resources. Some companies also provide services if you need assistance to take it down in case you want to move your grow room to another location.

Professional grade marijuana grows shipping containers and commercial shipping containers are some of the types of shipping containers you can find in the market. The important thing to consider when shipping containers for cannabis growing is to choose the right size for your growing needs. The best things about this type of container are the built-in lighting, ventilation, humidity and temperature control systems.

Growing Marijuana in Shipping Containers

Even if you are a marijuana grower who plans on cultivating marijuana indoors as a hobby, you can still benefit from choosing shipping containers to start your indoor cannabis garden. If marijuana cultivation procedure is finished correctly, you can expect to have a high-grade marijuana.

Having a shared communal cannabis space for growing perhaps can serve as a helping boost to become a big-scale cannabis grower. A common shipping container for marijuana cultivation if utilized properly might just save you from getting debts to set up a well-functioning and reliable indoor growing space for marijuana.

The development of farming marijuana has led the cannabis industry to become more competitive. Professional cannabis growers must need to keep up with all the changes in the harvesting speed and supply of cannabis in the market to ensure offering only high-quality marijuana to consumers.

Probably you already know that for growers to produce quality marijuana, you should maintain a well-controlled and wisely engineered cannabis environment. It’s easier said than done as it requires a higher capital and operating budget, so a communal space with shipping container may save you money after all. Just remember to cautiously choose the people you share it with.


Cannabis growers with limited space can use shipping containers as a smart solution since it can stack on top of one another which save a lot of space. Whether you place it on private property such as farm as well backyard and existing warehouse, shipping containers maximize limited space and maintains high yields. Also, this type of containers can give you the best benefit of a fixed space with less of the cost. Farming cannabis indoors means that you have better control over your growing environment.

Ultimately, the style for this gives a big difference in how healthy and speed of maturity your cannabis plants will have.

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