cannabis strain in usa

The United States of America often called the land of milk and honey, is a prosperous land not only for their natives but to the rest of the world. They do not simply offer Democracy, the Americans themselves are the real democracy. And because Americans love freedom, some of them pursue the freedom to smoke weed without any fear of enforcement.

That movement has existed since the 1900s and fortunately, this country gradually accepts this important concern from their people, most especially those with sustained medical injuries and conditions. Because of the increasing demands, store owners, growers and even the users are filtering their choices into the Top 8 cannabis strain in usas and Marijuana Seeds that they love the most from last year to the present.

Take a moment to browse this announcement, as we lay before you the Top 8 Cannabis Strains on the Rise in the United States of America!

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The Top 8

  • Mint Chocolate Chip

At the end of the day, we have to go home, take our dinner or simply eat something special as a small reward for us surviving a long and tiring day.

The American Marijuana Industry gives the Mint Chocolate Chip, a rare combination of SinMint Cookies and Green Ribbon BX. This hybrid strain has a sweet, herbal and minty scent and tastes ranging from diesel, pungent and cool.

This strain is mainly intended to be released this year and continues to find its spot in the competitive environment of the Marijuana Industry in American states.

Mint Chocolate Chip is best working before sleep as this one is suitable for people dealing with Insomnia, irritability and body pains. What a perfect way to end your day, right?

  • Safety Meeting

We traveled to the Pacific Islands, crossed the West Coast for a small stop and we’re now heading to Massachusetts and New York, where meetings are never-ending and the works? They are not diminishing. With this type of stress that they experience, the American Marijuana Industry created a new strain that helps you in retaining the focus while making you happy and creative- the Safety Meeting.

This strain is a cross-breed of Electric Watermelon and 9-Pound Hammer. With its aroma ranging from gaseous, with notes of melon, skunky earth, and kush, this crop can help you survive the day without worrying about its outcome as you drive home from the office.

  • Three Blue Kings
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We met Miss USA, now let us introduce to you the upper class of American nation-the royalties of the American Cannabis Seeds and Strains, the Three Blue Kings!

A product of mixture from Blue Dream and the three kings- Sour Diesel, OG Kush, and Headband, this unique strain is considered to help people dealing with Insomnia. This strain may smell dank and stinks upon growth which is not so royal in overall.

However, it emits fruity to earthy taste when consumed and literally gives you rest fit for a king, just like what this strain has done for the past few years. Make a way for the kings!

  • Miss USA

Who says that various pageantry and contests are only limited to people? Lo and behold as Miss USA enters the arena of Marijuana Industry with beauty and pride!

With its relatively high THC of 23%-29%, this strain will surely make you fall out of love every night, cuddling you in your sweetest dreams and waking you nicely in the morning. This Indica-dominant strain is a combination of the Strawberry Banana with Kosher Dawg plants.

The strain’s flavor is light and airy, with tones of rich fruity variants highlighted with spicy floral and fresh earth after exhaling. But of course, be wary, take a look again with that THC content, it may sound beautiful but do not underestimate Miss USA’s abilities to change your world.

  • Girl Scout Cookies
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Americans cannot boast themselves as well-experienced students if they have failed to join school camps, such as the girl and boy scouts camping.

Girl Scout Cookies or GSC as some may know has been the darling of the crowd for most of the medical Cannabis users in the USA and those who simply want to use it for recreation in both coasts of the US.

This hybrid strain is known to taste like earthy, sweet and sometimes, flowery and helps people with difficulties of sleeping at night. True to its tag, that this strain reminds the persons, especially the women, of their experience years ago.

  • Chemdawg

Derived from its parents Nepalese and Thai Landraces, this powerful strain can knock you down like fighting a world champion boxer in Las Vegas.

This strain is the origin of other prominent strains in the United States such as OG Kush and Sour Diesel. With this given information, you have to expect that this one is no easy for you, even if you are a veteran in smoking weeds. The strain has 15%-20% THC volume, making it notorious for the users to experience a cerebral roller coaster as they use it.

Suitable for more experienced users, the strain has pungent, diesel-like to earthy fragrance, giving you a warning on how tremendous can you experience, especially if you are a legit thrill seeker.

  • Pineapple Express

It has not something to do with Spongebob nor the Hawaiian Pizzas but this has been one of the favorites of today’s American millennials.

This combination of Trainwreck and Hawaiian smells like Mangoes or Fresh Apples of the American North. Moreover, this Sativa-dominant Strain is effective for people working in the daytime with longer hours and after-work escapades.

As soon as patients and users smoke this weed, they suddenly imagine the luscious tropical forests and perfect sceneries of Hawaii, Guam and even Saipan or Puerto Rico right at the tip of their rolled weeds. What a perfect rest in the midst of busy days!

  • Alaskan Purple
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One of the newest strains for the year 2019, Alaskan Purple will definitely reminisce you of the white, snowy, mountainous, volcanic and fantastic images of America’s Last Frontier- the state of Alaska.

This strain is the mixture of Purple Alaskan, Brazilian landrace and Kush. This plant, containing a high THC volume of 15%-20% helps the users to relax and reminisce on life’s events, just like a native silently watching the steaming volcanoes of Aleutian Range on a distant. Be wary of its side effects as the THC content is high and can give users cerebral aftershock.

From the Winter Wonderland, we’ll be heading to Hawaii for another strain!

Choose your Own!

Now that we have given you our Top 8 cannabis strain in usa, it’s your turn to choose and do some research with these strains. However, if you have no time to scan and hit the sites, differing the fake news from genuine ones, then consider this top picks!

After all, the Cannabis Industry in the USA teaches us to go away from our comfort zones, experiment and never kill curiosity inside our minds. Marijuana seeds faced serious problems despite their vulnerability and now that they grew better, it’s your mission to consume them, make them grow better and bring them to greater heights!