3 kings strain

The 3 Kings strain is well-known for being a powerful marijuana strain that is very suites for expert consumers that know how to enjoy its cerebral high. This name came from its lineage, it has been reported that this strain is the product of the three five-star strain; the OG Kush, Sour Diesel, and Headband. These 3 strains are very well-known in the cannabis industry due to its strong effects, and consequently, the 3 Kings are cultivated. 

This marijuana strain is about ⅔  sativa and ⅓ indica with the THC content levels that vary in the 20s rely on the growing process. When you take the first smoke of these genetic characteristics, some users said that you may expect your lids to drop just a few and every agony you have to gather throughout the day is going to vanish. Some had proposed it is a solid solution for whoever looking means to alleviate their anxiety or get rid of the repetitive thought on their mind and darken their mood. It might be possible to have focus and clarity if it is overused. According to some consumers, it is a great wake-and-bake marijuana strain. A lot also reported that this strain doesn’t have much high in the body, so it might not help with the pains and aches if you are suffering from them.

You will be welcomed with the usual smell of an OG strain that is mixed with sour lemons and diesel, once you open a pack of your 3 Kings Strain. It can surely appear skunky and the extreme smell, and a lot of potent it can likely to be. Before the flowers break up, you have to admire the sugar-coated look that warms you of its very powerful potential. The taste of it is more likely to be the scent, often like freshly churned soil or being woody.

3 Kings THC Content 

Being the offspring of the OG Kush and Sour Diesel, which is very well-known due to their high THC content level and amazing high, this strain would stand out because of that reason, and the 3 Kings strain is more likely to have a relatively strong THC content level.  

However, the 3 Kings usually has an average THC content with 14%, with some samples having a high THC content with 19%. This strain actually makes it fairly average in its THC level, regardless of its enjoyable and strong high. 

Although some consumers might only see the bad thing about this strain, it is also great to know the amazing effects of the 3 Kings can appear without having to be planted in strong high THC levels. 

In addition, this made the 3 Kings an amazing strain to allow others who don’t have much experience with cannabis, as this has lower than average THC levels make it a strong pleasing and not an overwhelming feeling. 

3 Kings CBD Content 

Regardless of the low THC content level given by the 3 Kings, it’s disappointing too that this also has less CBD content. You can just expect a 1% CBD content, which is usually for sativa hybrid leaning. 

This is because the major part of the CBD content was vanished because of the countless crossbreeding generations, most of the THC-rich as viable. Although the actual THC content level of 3 Kings is not high, it doesn’t have much room for CBD either. 

Doesn’t means that this strain doesn’t have much CBD there are not many medical effects that you can use by consuming this strain.

3 Kings Cannabis Strain Medical Benefits

As this strain is a sativa-dominant, happiness prompts hybrid strain, you’ll expect that it would be very helpful to consume when you are suffering from depression and stress. Just like the OG Kush and the Sour Diesel parent, the 3 Kings is the perfect strain to combat issues arising from too much stress and mental disorder. 

A lot of people are consuming 3 Kings to help hem with their depression and pain, also it can help to deal with nausea as the result of motion sickness and vertigo. 

Very much interesting, the everyday use of the 3 Kings can help with the symptoms that come from a plane ride. It’s because of the high effect of 3 Kings is not very overwhelming in its strength, making it easy to consume flying without being caught. 

Some cannabis consumers used it to combat alleviate car sickness, or just deal with a nauseous stomach. And of course, with the very pleasant medical strain and its benefits, there’s still going to have unfavorable side effects that are not unavoidable, and 3 Kings strain is no different.

3 Kings Cannabis Strain Possible Side Effects

So far, the most usual reported side effect of the 3 Kings strain is the increase of anxiety and paranoia. This is likely because of the low CBD content level, thought the major reported cases of these 2 symptoms are gonna be linked to overuse of the 3 Kings. 

The feelings of anxiety and paranoia are strongly mental and can make some consumers experience a sensation of being watched and feeling anxious over a long period of them. 

However, it is significant to take note that these symptoms usually appear if you have either you overuse the 3 Kings or if you’re already suffering from anxiety and paranoia. 

Although there are some marijuana strains that are great in dealing with people’s anxiety and paranoia., the 3 Kings strain is, unfortunately, is one of those marijuana strains that can worsen your paranoia or anxiety if you’re suffering from it. 

In addition, expect average dry eyes and dry mouth that comes pretty much in any hybrid strains, as well as the feeling of dizziness.


The 3 Kings strain is the crossbreed of the 2 massive hits in the cannabis world, the Sour Diesel and OG Kush and it’s the third genetic parent the Headband; which is a self crossbreed between Sour Diesel and OG Kush.

3 Kings’ origin is readily evident, both in its taste and smell and also its effects, making the 3 Kings a strain that is essentially an amazing combination of both of its parents.

Although many hybrid strains have unique characteristics and qualities that differentiate it from their parents and seek to be a distinctive strain in its own right, the 3 Kings are unembarrassment nothing more than a breed of its parents.