10 Most Popular Indica Strains for Outdoor Growing

Indicas are among the most popular strains for a lot of growers and breeders not only because of their effects and medicinal qualities but also because of their nature as plants. These strains are known for being small and compact enough to be able to grow in comparatively tight areas.

However, some of the best Indicas are those that are capable and hardy enough to thrive better outdoors than indoors. These are some of the most resilient and resistant types of plants in the cannabis world and are best suited for those who prefer to grow their marijuana in outdoor spaces.

If you are looking to buy cannabis seeds that perform at their best when grown outdoors, here are the most popular strains of Indica that perform well in outdoor environments:

  1. Grape Ape

Born out of the marriage between Skunk #1 and an Afghani landrace, Grape Ape is a pure Indica that has its own distinct type of high. It is a creeping type of strain that does not manifest its effects quite as quick as any of its brothers or sisters.

Grape Ape’s effect, once it kicks in, comes as a slow wave of mental and physical relaxation that makes the mind space out while inducing a heavy yet calming feeling in the body. It has the stoney type of high that Indicas are known for but also keeps the mind calm and at peace.

Because of its landrace genetics, Grape Ape tends to grow well outdoors. It is resistant to a lot of diseases and pests that plague outdoor plants. It also isn’t a very tall strain and will only grow to up to four feet in height. This makes it a rather subtle plant to grow in outdoor environments.

  1. Critical Kush

A pure Indica strain that was created when Afghani was crossed with Critical Mass, Critical Kush has the same landrace genetics that Grape Ape has. In that sense, it is also a good outdoor plant that is quite potent in its own right considering that it has THC levels that are rumored to reach 29%.

Critical Kush also has a creeping high that slowly manifests itself. Once it kicks in, it hits the body with a relaxing buzz that decreases the heart rate while releasing all kinds of tensions in the user’s muscles. Often times, it may even cause mellow distortions in sensory perception. Other than that, it is a sleepy strain that should only be used at night.

This strain grows well in outdoor environments especially in areas that are quite humid. It can be resilient as well thanks to its Afghani roots.

  1. LSD

LSD, as the name suggests, is quite a psychedelic Indica-dominant hybrid thanks to its 45% Sativa side. Nevertheless, this popular strain is a popular choice for beginner growers thanks to how easy it is to cultivate.

Named after the drug itself, LSD has cerebral properties that are quite potent. It also tends to numb and relax the body for about a few hours but its main features are the psychedelic effects that cause changes in sensory perception.

As mentioned, LSD is an easy strain to grow since it resists a lot of adverse outdoor conditions such as diseases. It also isn’t a very tall plant that won’t take up a lot of outdoor space.

  1. Northern Lights

Considered by medical cannabis advocate Doctor Frank as one of the best Indica strains of all time, Northern Lights is unlike any other strain not only because of its effects but also because of its versatility as a plant that can grow in almost any kind of outdoor environment. It ranks also as one of the most popular Indica strains to this date.

Northern Lights is one of those rare Indica strains induce a dreamy euphoric state that goes well with the potent relaxing properties that come with this bud. This makes it perfect for those who are restless and stressed at the same time.

An easy strain to grow, Northern Lights can cultivate quite well in outdoor environments thanks to its landrace genetics (Afghani and Thai). It also barely grows more than three feet tall and has quite an abundant yield.

  1. California Indica

California Indica is the child of California Orange and a hybrid Indica strain with Hash and Northern Lights genetics. Not entirely a pure Indica, it boasts itself of Indica effects that are powerful enough to make any user feel heavy and relaxed.

This strain is quite an easy plant to grow because, as the name suggests, it can thrive well in the warm outdoor climates of places like California. They are also quite easy to grow and will only need basic nutrients to reward its growers with quite a high yield.

  1. Holland’s Hope

This strain was specifically designed to withstand harsh outdoor environments that are quite cold and humid (similar to the environment in Holland). A pure Indica itself, it packs a punch that only the best Indicas have.

Like most of its fellow Indica strains, Holland’s Hope brings about a sleepy and euphoric feeling that instantly makes the user feel a heavy kind of relaxation. The good part is that, in a mild way, it can also make the user feel focused.

Named Holland’s Hope, this strain brings hope to growers during the wet summers of Holland because of how resistant it is to fungus. That said, it is quite resilient and hardy while also rewarding its grower with an abundant harvest.

  1. Blueberry Skunk

An 80% Indica strain that was created by crossing Blueberry and Skunk #1, Blueberry Skunk is a favorite choice in many Dutch coffee shops all over The Netherlands because of its effects and sweet fruity flavors.

Blueberry Skunk has a slow and creeping high that steadily builds itself up as a body-heavy buzz. Thanks to its Sativa side, it also tends to induce a giggly sensation that goes well with the heavy relaxing effects.

This strain’s plants grow well in warm outdoor climates and can grow well if the grower has a little bit of experience and knowledge in the field. It is a strain that’s highly resistant to pesky insects and molds.

  1. Somango

Somango is an Indica-dominant hybrid that was created through the three-way marriage of Big Skunk Korean, Super Skunk, and Jack Herer. With that kind of a genetic lineage, it has mixed effects that represent both its Indica and Sativa sides.

Since it is 75% Indica, Somango brings about a high that slowly creeps in to make the limbs heavy with a relaxing and sedating effect. It then hits the head with a mental stimulation that does not tend to overwhelm the stoney effects brought about by its Indica properties.

Somango is resistant to fungi. This makes it a strain that’s perfect for cold and wet environments that sees a lot of rainy days. It has a flowering period of about nine weeks and has a moderately generous harvest.

  1. Blueberry

A winner of The Best Indica award back in 2000, Blueberry stands as one of the most iconic strains of all time and is the parent for a lot of the great hybrids we see in today’s cannabis market.

Blueberry is a potent strain that is reserved for the most experienced users because of its high THC levels (as high as 24%). It has a type of high that is representative of its Indica family. It will make the limbs fall heavy with a jolt of relaxation. Nevertheless, its Sativa side also manifests itself as a mild euphoric high that does not overpower the relaxing properties.

Blueberry is a great outdoor strain that grows well in humid climates. It also does not reach heights of more than four feet tall. This makes it an ideal subtle strain that’s perfect for outdoor operations.

  1. California Dream

California Dream is the result of the crossbreeding between Mexican and Afghani landrace strains. Thanks to its genetics, it is a resilient outdoor plant that promises effects indicative of its status as an Indica-dominant hybrid.

This strain delivers a type of high that sends waves of euphoric sensation to the user’s mind to make him/her feel happier and uplifted. This is followed by a sedating body high that goes well with the user’s energetic mental state.

California Dream is not the easiest plant to grow but it also isn’t quite difficult to cultivate as well. That said, it is a hardy plant that’s ideal for outdoor conditions thanks to its landrace lineage. And when grown properly, it can even reward growers with a good yield.

Outdoor Indica strains are really some of the best cannabis plants to grow because of how they tend to be comparatively easy to grow and also due to how they don’t take a lot of time and space to reward their growers with a good harvest. That said, this list of the most popular Indica strains for outdoor growing is a helpful companion for anyone looking to start or expand their outdoor operations.

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