10 Interesting Facts about Marijuana Seeds

List Land gives you the latest facts about marijuana seeds you may have never known before. Marijuana is truly big business these days, especially because more and more places and countries legalizing cannabis usage. Therefore it is no surprise that more people are choosing medical cannabis than other synthetic treatments.

Cannabis seeds are indeed very fascinating. Most people don’t really give much thought about it but actually, there is more than meets the eye. Cannabis seeds generally look the same but each seed hides a different variation of the plant. The same seeds from where industrial hemp or a refined sativa is grown are also responsible for autoflowering marijuana and strains that have strange names.

  1. All marijuana seeds look alike

All cannabis seeds are that these look the same. The seeds will be identical no matter what strain you have. And why is this important? Because there is no way to tell what strain you are getting when you look at your seeds. You definitely need to purchase seeds only from a reputable cannabis dealer or seed bank to make sure that you are getting genuine seeds.

  1. Cannabis seeds have healthy nutrients

Cannabis seeds contain almost a perfect balance of the essential fatty acids that you need for good health. Fatty acids in cannabis include Omega 3, Omega 6, and Omega 9. This is why you will also find hemp seeds in health food stores. You may have also seen people eating hemp because of its amazing health benefits. Hemp and cannabis are from the same plant, the seeds are from different parts of the same plant.

  1. Cannabis seeds are the terms used when describing a plant,

Cannabis sativa, known for its potent glands called trichomes, this is where THC is from. THC is the cannabinoid compound in marijuana that elicits psychoactive effects. On the other hand, hemp seeds also come from Cannabis sativa, but it is a plant that has only small amounts of THC. Hemp contains THC but only in small amounts.

  1. The oldest cannabis seeds are more than 4,800 years old!

There is proof that people may have used cannabis seeds since 2800 BC. These very old seeds were found in China. But this is not the only time that marijuana seeds were found. There were actually stashes of cannabis nearby as well. It was in 2008 when two pounds of marijuana was found in the Gobi Desert.  The Journal of Experimental Botany called this the “world’s oldest marijuana stash.” Several tests were made using the old stash that was found and it showed that this stash had marijuana with similar psychoactive properties that people have found in the plant today.

People back then may have used cannabis to get high. According to other artifacts that were found in the same area, the individual might have been a priest. There was marijuana found but there was no pipe or similar object which means they likely were not smoking weed. A bowl was found which proves that these peoples were consuming marijuana in other ways.

  1. A single marijuana plant can produce hundreds of seeds

A single marijuana plant can produce hundreds or even thousands of cannabis seeds. This will be according to the efficiency of the pollination, how large or how small the plant is and how the plant is cultivated or grown.

There are people who try to produce seeds on their own and to do this you need a male plant and a female plant. The male plants mature quicker and once the female plant is pollinated, it takes weeks to pollinate seeds.  As the seeds develop, you can now see noticeable differences between the looks of fertilized plant and a non-fertilized plant. You can grow hundreds and even thousands of seeds for every plant.

  1. Cannabis seeds can remain viable for a decade

If cannabis seeds are kept correctly, these will be able to remain viable for up to 10 years. You have to make sure that you take the proper steps to make sure that these seeds will be healthy, strong and viable. Take note that not all cannabis seeds will make it to the 10-year mark. Therefore it’s best to have an optimal shelf life of four to five years.

Make sure that cannabis seeds will last as long as possible. Seeds should be stored in a dark place away from any direct sunlight. These must remain dry so these must be stored in a dry and dark place. A cool place like a refrigerator will do just fine.

  1. Cannabis seeds/hemp seeds are also found in bird food

In the 1930s, the US thought that hemp was terrible, so Congress essentially banned the use of hemp. The seeds remained to be an essential ingredient in bird food. For many years, the seeds which were found in bird seed was viable, which means these may be planted and would grow into mature plants. But in the 1960s, people started smoking cannabis and hemp recreationally, and Congress had to act. Hemp seeds were sterilized but the seeds found in bird seed were not included.

Meanwhile, the sterilized hemp seeds still contained most of the nutrients that they are known for when cannabis seeds are used as health food, but you cannot grow the plant using these seeds. You still need to use healthy and viable cannabis seeds strains.

  1. Cannabis seed to make hemp oil

You can use hemp oil or hempseed oil, to use for a variety of medicinal purposes. This oil is manufactured from Cannabis sativa plants but this does not contain high THC levels. To create your own hempseed oil, first, clean the seeds to remove impurities. Use a small scrubber to clean the seeds and when you are done you can start making your oil.  It’s possible that there will contain trace amounts of THC, but this would not be enough to cause any significant change in your condition.

Hemp seeds go through a process called “cold pressing,” which pushing the seeds through an extruder and collecting the oil from the seeds. The oil that you will collect at this point is virgin oil. It is the oil that contains all medicinal properties if the strain.

  1. Cannabis is also used for religious purposes

There are cultures around the world that use cannabis for a number of spiritual purposes. For instance, some people who practice the Taoist religion believe that hemp seeds, when combined with ginseng, can assist the user to see the future. The Taoists believed that if you eat hemp seeds you can prevent demons from entering your home.

Cannabis seeds are also widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is commonly used as a laxative and a sedative. They also believed that cannabis can help with pain, nausea and restlessness and anxiety.

Some cultures, especially those that follow the Sikh religion, does not allow the ingestion of hemp seeds. They use the hemp seeds in a drink that is consumed by Sikhs. This is called “bhang,” which is a potent and edible form of cannabis made during certain festivities throughout the year.

Marijuana seeds are used during the Christmas holiday in Poland in a traditional soup recipe. The soup was called Siemieniotka, is eaten during Christmas Eve dinner. The seeds are cooked, removed from their shells and then ground to form a paste. This is mixed with honey and milk before ingested. And like many Christmas time traditions, this was part of pagan celebrations and traditions.

  1. The Dutch Explorers Took Cannabis Seeds With Them on Their Journeys

Dutch explorers, during the Golden Age of exploration, was also the period known as the golden age of hemp. This happened throughout the 17th century and was known as the time where the Dutch had amazing improvements in science, trade, art, and the military. In other words, the Dutch were one of the world’s superpower.

The Dutch possessed several colonies in Africa, Asia, and the Americas and they founded the Dutch East India Company, which helped in establishing a worldwide shipping trade, possibly how hemp was shipped during that age and time.

Holland was also considered one of the largest countries in the world that used the sea, and because of this, they needed hemp. Which was the main way they constructed ships thanks to the strength of the hemp ropes and other products? In addition to wood, hemp was the most needed product in shipbuilding. A replica of a 17th-century Dutch ship, called the “Batavia,” had sails made of hemp.

The Dutch used a lot of hemp as they set out into the world. They had to find a source of hemp. Because hemp seeds grow into hemp quickly, it was easy to take the seeds along with them. Because of this hemp was cultivated throughout the world.

If you are planning to cultivate cannabis seeds at home, make sure to understand what your cannabis strains require to be able to grow healthy and high yielding seeds.

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