10 Funny OG Kush Names – Know the Truth

OG Kush seeds are popular strains wherever you go because of how it is the founding father of many marijuana strains all over the West Coast of the United States. In a sense, it is the backbone of a lot of new strains that have sprouted all over the world and not just in the States in the past few decades.

What is OG Kush?

As the name suggests, OG Kush is one of the original Kush strains in the world but its genetics stem from unknown strains. Some would say that it is the child of Chemdawg and Hindu Kush but its parents are considered unknown. Regardless, because of OG Kush’s qualities, it has gained notoriety and is one of the most bred strains in the world and has become the parent of many subsequent cannabis strains all over the world.

OG Kush has an aroma and flavor that will remind you of the classic marijuana scent and taste but is more or less a pleasant kind of feeling because of how it can also make you feel like you are walking through a natural forest.

That said, OG Kush comes with the dank kind of forest scent that has a woodsy and pine-like feeling. In that sense, it is a very fresh kind of sensation to your nose and can really make you feel like you are walking through a green forest.

The taste comes with a similar approach. It has a flavor profile that has a subtle kind of dankness to it and is quite spunky in a sense. However, underneath the piney and woodsy kind of taste are flavors that are reminiscent of lime or lemon with hints of spice as well. That makes it fit well with its appearance, which is a kind of yellowish green kind of look that is similar to the classic kind of cannabis appearance.

Meanwhile, the effects are similar to what a hybrid can give you and hits your mind and body almost equally. That means that it hits your head with a euphoric high that makes you feel happy and uplifted at the same time. And when the body high comes, it makes you feel a calming kind of relaxation that blends well with the heady high to give you an overall tranquil buzz. OG Kush is also considered one of the best strains at uplifting both your mind and body.

Because of those qualities, OG Kush has given birth to many more new strains. They are so plenty that it can be difficult to name them all. However, what stands out the most are the ones with the funny names.

The Funniest OG Kush Names

  • Phishhead Kush

Phishhead Kush is an indica-dominant strain that originated in Colorado. It was named after a popular American rock band and is famous for its woodsy and spicy kind of taste and scent profile. Its effects are hypnotic for both your mind and your body and will leave your entire person satisfied in a blissful kind of feeling.

  • Panty Dropper OG

Panty Dropper OG is not a direct descendant of the OG Kush but is still related to it. It has a good mix of sativa and indica and comes with a chemical or fuel-like scent and flavor that is quite dank. However, it is quite tasty and will remind you of high-quality brandy. Its effects will not exactly drop anyone’s panties but have a good kind of high that will leave you feeling satisfied.

  • Bob Saget OG

You might have guessed it. This strain was named after popular American stand-up comedian Bob Saget. It is mostly sativa and was once a second placer back in the 2016 Cannabis Cup held in Colorado. It has effects that are similar to what most sativas have in a sense that it puts your head in a lucid and spacey kind of feeling. However, it will eventually lead to a stoney kind of feeling that can make you crash into a blissful kind of relaxation.

  • Comatose OG

Comatose OG strain may sound a bit scary but it will not put you in a comatose-like state. Instead, this indica-heavy strain has hybrid qualities that are quite potent but not too intense. It hits your head first with a euphoric buzz but will put you into an unfocused and relaxed state that can lock you into your couch. However, it is not strong enough to actually place you into a state of comatose.

  1. Zombie OG

Zombie OG is not the scary strain that its name might suggest it to be. It won’t make you feel like a flesh-eating zombie but it will make you hungry enough to want to eat a lot of food in the fridge. It is intense when it comes to stimulating your appetite. However, the problem you might face is that you might end up too lazy and sedated to actually get up to eat. But, if your willpower is strong enough, you can expect yourself to eat an entire feast in your kitchen.

  • Wifi OG

Wifi OG is similar to what its name suggests. It might not give you instant access to the internet but it has a “digital” like feeling in the sense that it attacks your head with a euphoric kind of high because of how it is a sativa-dominant strain. Wifi OG is also good enough for providing you with enough energy for a nice stroll outside. In that sense, it is an ideal strain to use for strolling or for light exercises such as yoga.

  • White Girl

It might have a strange name but White Girl isn’t something that describes the feeling of being a white girl walking around the streets of America. Instead, this hybrid is a far relative of the OG Kush and come from Berry White and Girl Scout Cookies. Its effects are a good mix of euphoric mental high and physically relaxing buzz. It elevates the mood and can stimulate your appetite. On top of that, it tastes pretty well with its savory kind of sweetness and its herbal kind of woody flavors.

  • Obama Kush

Obama Kush is a direct descendant of OG Kush and was inspired by the former president’s message of “change”. Though it brings about a certain kind of change in the cannabis world, it still has a balanced kind of buzz that offers a good mix of mental uplifting effects and a physically relaxing buzz. The good thing is that it does not leave you lazy and sedated and will not stimulate a massive appetite. That might be the “change” this strain is telling us about.

  • Master Miyagi OG

Named after the famous master of the Karate Kid movies, Master Miyagi OG is an 80% indica strain that packs quite a big punch with THC levels north of 25%. That means that, like its namesake, you should never underestimate this bud as it packs quite a punch and a karate punch that can knock you down on your butt and put you in a couch-locked strain.

  • Charlie Sheen

Named after the popular actor, Charlie Sheen is a hybrid strain that leans towards its indica side more. It has a mild lemony taste that is distinct among the Kush line of marijuana. Meanwhile, the effects are quite classic and have a relaxing and uplifting kind of buzz that is great for relieving pain and fighting off symptoms of insomnia.

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