indica strains to grow indoors

When you point about growing marijuana indoors, you might be filled with a series of questions about how can this cannabis plant be there inside anyone’s home? Well, you could debunk any argument that would tell you that Indica strains to grow indoors is impossible. In fact, you can potentially thrive a whole lot of garden with just Indica strains to back you up.

If you are not yet familiar – if you are familiar, cheer up – an Indica strain is one kind of marijuana gene lineage that is popular to create a variety of marijuana that helps people who deal with insomnia, pain, and fatigue. An Indica can help someone feel calm, relaxed, focused, and composed, without missing out on the euphoric high that all smokers are looking for.

Now, in terms of development, the Indica variety is a basically gifted variety as it can help you produce it indoors. Any kind of growing procedure is good for any seed of indica. Just ensure that you do study about your location the right temperature, your effort and passion for developing cannabis, and the resources to back you up just in case you’d like to produce your indica abundantly.

But, before planning on expanding your business and so on, it is ideal to take the best strains with you – inside your home at the growing box, grow tent, AeroGarden, or hydroponics. Here are the names of the 10 best Indica strains to produce indoors:

Northern Lights

The Northern Lights has since the beginning, made its way into the hearts of many people – both smokers and growers alike. It has contributed to the amount of euphoria and psychedelia that a lot of people have since then fallen in love with. With it, it has truly become a natural stunner. Northern Lights is great to grow Indica strain. It is naturally good especially for the new ones as it is ideal for beginners who wish to grow special quality over a short period of time. Plus, it fits perfectly in a grow tent as it can only get for about a meter within the next 55 days.

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Afghan Kush

What’s so hush about the Afghan Kush? When you talk about resilience, Afghan Kush is at the top of the list. It combats pests and molds when grown indoors. Plus, it can even grow to have tough branches so it may not easily get destroyed even while growing indoors. More than that, it is one of the bushy plants that can grow as tall as 60cm in average so you would not worry about how much you’ll get whenever you plant this strain at home.

Blue Cheese

You may think it might smell not so nice but the Blue Cheese is one of the best strains to grow for both grow boxes and hydroponic systems. This indica strain is popular to protect itself against pests and mold which is ideal for indoor producing. More than that, its durability can last even on enclosed spaces with only LED lights like that of a grow box. But, you can also try to outgrow a tent in case you’d like to experiment more.

Purple Kush

No matter how purple its tag is, the Purple Kush is absolutely a tame cannabis. This Indica-dominant combination of the Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani is perfect indoor marijuana since it can grow shorter than other crops. An article even wrote that “Purple Kush does well in a hydroponic setup, which allows it to get all the nutrients it needs to fully develop.” As a beginner, it is better to constantly prune and trim this crop to prevent foliage. As an advice, make sure that Purple Kush is well-loved and considered to help it thrive for a long time.

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Death Star

We are not talking about death when we talk about this strain but actually a star. The death star is definitely a star among Indica weed strains because of its ability to eliminate pain. Plus, it can grow easily indoors whether on grow tents or boxes. Another plus for beginners, you can grow this plant in a hydroponic system because of its innate strength against molds and pests. Death Star usually takes about 8 to 9 weeks to flower.

God’s Gift

God’s Gift cannabis is definitely a gift from God! If you request to start your venture into indica cannabis growing with a deep purple wonder, then God’s Gift is the perfect strain for you. It can easily grow indoors without too much maintenance. Although it needs many nutrients, you have your fertilizers to help you give the necessary amount to this magnificent weed strain at any time.

Granddaddy Purple

Daddy would be amazed if you would try out a local growing location of the Granddaddy Purple (GDP) indica strain. If you want a kick right off the pitch, GDP is a perfect strain for you. It’s also ideal for indoor settings especially in a hydroponic system which gives it a good chance in an AeroGarden as well. It typically yields up to 550 grams within 8 to 11 weeks just make sure that it is kept in a well-ventilated, humid environment.

Blackberry Kush

When you pinpoint Indica strains, you talk about the Kush kind and one of its relatives is the Blackberry Kush. The Blackberry Kush commonly takes about 8 to 9 weeks to bloom and then it’s good to harvest. It’s a fragrant, sweet, indica strain that can resist any kinds of pests from fungus to spiders. It is also prescribed to produce indoors as it can bloom and be ready for harvest easily.

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After the sugar-like treat of the Blackberry, we offer you the Blueberry! According to Robert Bergman, a blogger on marijuana strains, the Blueberry is one of the most beloved indica weed strains out there. Blueberry can develop well horizontally outdoors which means it needs a wider location to fully yield its more than 700 grams of buds. But indoors, it can grow in tents and boxes. Just make sure that it is taken care of from time to time.

Critical Kush

It takes patience to perfectly grow a better outcome from Critical Kush. This indica strain is not that good in outdoors, but it can perfectly thrive for you indoors. It can truly give you the best results since it can fully thrive in a warm climate. If you want this weed strain, it can offer you about 600 grams after 9 to 10 weeks.


Indica or not, growing marijuana Indica strains to grow indoors is not and will never be an easy job. With these seeds and particular strains, you can develop your own marijuana laboratory and grow either commercially or medically useful numbers or yield.

With these indica strains to grow indoors, you can gauge which strains can help you, aide, on your health concerns without at least giving up the euphoric effects that can come with every smoke after the growing period.