10 Best Cannabis Seeds to Grow Indoors

best cannabis seeds to grow indoors

Every home grower seeks for getting the most out of their capital investment. Whether you are growing indoors or outdoors, it is always great to get the bang for your buck. If you are one of those people who prefer growing indoors, you should first educate yourself on the various factors that make your yield higher and better. A great place to start is choosing the best cannabis strains to have a competitive advantage. Here are the top 10 cannabis seeds that are perfect for indoor growing.

  1. Northern Lights

The current top of our list is the incredible Indica, Northern Lights. It is known for having crystal-coasted buds that give out a psychoactive high. It has powerful physical effects involve relaxing muscles and soothing the mind. People enjoy growing these seeds indoors because of the dense buds that they produce. These produce high yields that are as high as 650 g/m2 indoors and THC levels reaching as intense as 20%. Many home growers favor taking these before bedtime because of the compelling relaxation effects.

For medical use, the Northern Lights show effects of relief from ADHD, pain, depression, and insomnia. You can grow it from 45 to 60 days with the plants growing as high as 100 to 150 cm. In smoking, this gives an earthy, sweet, and pine-like taste.

2. White Widow

Completing their growth as fast as 50 to 60 days, the White Widow is a well-beloved classic that is highly recommended for first-time home growers. Tracing its origins from the Netherlands, the namesake of this beloved strain comes from the potent frosted trichomes that cover its dark green leaves. The White Widow produces indoor yields that grow up to 600 g/m2 and THC levels that can go as high as 25%.

The strain has a mix of Indica and Sativa in its genetics that gives smokers euphoric and creativity boosting effects. Medical patients report help for illnesses like anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and stress. Enthusiasts also enjoy the flowery, earthy, and woody.

3. Super Skunk

Known everywhere as a legendary hybrid, the Super Skunk gives out a full-body Indica high that is balanced by its Sativa genetics. People enjoy this super strain and actually prosper in almost all types of growing conditions. This strain usually flowers between 58 to 67 days and can grow from 100 cm to 200 cm. Taking this strain gives a skunky aroma because of its sweet and fruity taste.

The THC levels of the Super Skunk can reach up to 23 % that can make you feel relaxed and euphoric without being too overwhelming. It is also quite easy to grow, so it is perfect for the inexperienced grower. Though it may bloom later as the others, the Super Skunk has a well-deserved spot on this top 10 list because of its great yields and potent effects.

4. Strawberry Kush

The Strawberry Kush, which is an incredibly fast grower, flowers around 50 to 55 days. It is a 50/50 hybrid of Sativa and Indica and is one of the most popular hybrids in the North American region. Celebrated for the sweet taste and aroma like the strawberry fruit, the Strawberry Kush gives out a relaxing, uplifting, and calming physical effect providing euphoria and happiness.

This is quite a short growing strain as it can reach up to 150 cm. It might be short in height, but it can still produce a competitive yield of 550 g/m2 with the THC levels at a maximum of 19%. The Strawberry Kush is perfect if you have limited growing space like an apartment or a condo.

5. Alaskan Purple

The elegant Spanish hybrid, Alaskan Purple, flowers from 60 to 63 days. This is great for anxiety and depression that can relax your body without any couch-lock. Your matured plant can grow as high as 100 to 200 cm. It gives a maximum yield of 550 g/m2 and THC levels that will reach 20%.

The Alaskan Purple prefers indoor climates and a little bit of care. This gives a cerebral and relaxing high and tastes a mixture of fruity, flowery, berry, and sweet. The strain is specifically bred to be a resilient, adaptable strain and gives out excellent yields for beginners. This one is perfect for an after work or before bed smoke.

6. Gelat OG

Looking like an indoor growers dream come true, the Gelat OG has high levels of THC at 25% and up to 600 g/m2 yield. Its genetics can be traced back to Sherbert, OG Kush, and GSC. This strain gives a delightfully sweet flavor which is also citrusy, earthy, and flowery, plus it gives out a mood-boosting and relaxing high. The Gelat OG is better recommended for expert growers as it might be too difficult for beginners. Growers must focus on standard care and regular watering for a great harvest after 55 to 60 days.

7. Blue Ice OG

Another OG Kush descendant, the Blue Ice OG is celebrated for its unique lemon-berry flavor that is a mix of earthy, sweet, flowery, and citrusy. It is a laid back strain that gives up to 550 g/m2 which is an excellent number indoors. This strain that is perfect for novice smokers is at 10 to 15% THC levels. This is an Indica-dominant hybrid, but with a moderate body high. This is one of the easiest strains to grow because it is very forgiving, short growing, and has a quick and stable vegetative growth period. The overall high is cerebral, body soothing, and stress relieving.

8. Big Bud

The Big Bud was believed to enter the cannabis trade scene during the 1970s and has been popular for its enormous flowers ever since. This spicy yet earthy tasting strain is known for its great yields, up to 600 g/m2, and results in soothing effects. The name speaks for itself; the Big Bud can really produce strains with large buds, considering its medium size. The strain also produces a high that is a mixture of euphoric, mood-boosting, sleep-inducing, and relaxed. It is also a quick grower at 50 to 60 days flowering period. The buds also taste spicy and earthy.

9. Amnesia Haze

The Amnesia Haze is a powerful sativa dominant hybrid that can provide an instant mood boost to remind people of the good things you can get from life. It flowers as fast as 50 to 60 days but can produce plants as high as 90 to 170 cm. Similar to the White Widow, it’s a popular creativity enhancer that can produce 600 g/m2 yields with 21% THC levels. Sometimes, life sucks and you will need a boost, this Amnesia Haze is a perfect option for it. Tasting lemony, earthy, and sweet, the Amnesia Haze is a perfect option for moderately skilled home growers.

10. Chocolope

Last but not least, here’s a strain that gives you a taste of chocolate, coffee, and vanilla. The Chocolope came out from a 90% Sativa and 10% Indica, flowers from 63 to 70 days, and giving plant height of 100 to 200 cm. This produces an incredible yield of 600 g/m2 and boasts 21% THC but a higher level of CBD as well, that can be utilized by medicinal patients. Known as the coffee of the cannabis world, it will boost your energy as well as your mind. It’s a simple strain to grow and the longer flowering time will reward you with a competitive yield.

Final Thoughts

Remember, in choosing the best cannabis seeds to grow indoors, you will increase your chances for receiving great returns in your growing efforts. Educate yourself with the best growing practices and weigh in on different growing factors so that you can produce high results.

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